About US

We prefer to call ourselves young and promising analytic team. We work with both long and short equities, value and special situations on the market.
Our team consists of 25 specialists in different areas of the market. We have similar beliefs in the good old market prosperity. Analysts from the SkaTronix have the same goals to make our clients rich. We may not agree on everything, and our methods of analysis may be different, but we still united by the care for our clients.

We all have diplomas from the best universities across the states, and many of us have PhDs. We all decided to leave academic research and concentrate on the market.
Our specialists don’t believe in personal advice on investments. We don’t take responsibilities for our clients’ choices. We don’t give detailed recommendations. However, we make very good research reports on the market.

Our research methods may look completely weird to you, as we prefer to dig very deep and take all the information we can take about the company, stocks, investors, and even sometimes leading employees of the company. We don’t say anything spontaneously. If our clients don’t agree with our judgments, they are welcomed to express their opinion at our official forum. They can also make conversations with other investors there, as it is open for anyone. All our clients receive full access to the some private information of the SkaTronix, including the best examples of portfolios we keep for learning.